SMB Medical is certified according to EN ISO 13485 and applies binding standards to ensure compliance along with the quality of its products, protection of the environment and the health & safety of its workforce.
We strive to conform to the highest quality standards and aim to minimise waste of resources and impact on the environment in our production processes.

SMB Medical’s highly trained and experienced employees are always working to improve its validated technology and processes as well as their own skills. Quality is not a duty to be fulfilled, but regarded as an integral part of the company’s philosophy. In addition, SMB Medical continually strives to optimise its quality management system.


The latest technology as well as up-to-date training is employed to ensure the high quality of SMB Medical’s products. To satisfy these high standards continuous investments are programmed.

Destructive material testing
Material analysis
Tensile testing
Impact testing
Metallography / Microstructure analysis
Hardness testing
Non-destructive material testing
Dye penetrant inspection
Magnetic particle inspection
Visual control
Portable measuring arms with probe & laser scanner
Separation control
Roughness testing
CMM with probe & laser scanner
Profile projector
Pickling equipment for detailed surface inspection
Conventional dimension control devices