The comparison test methods is used for the designation of microstructures of alpha + beta titanium alloys.

Equipment: Light microscope Nikon Optiphot + camera ProgRes Speed XT Core 3

Standards: ISO 20160, ETTC 2, EN 3114
Determination of Delta Ferrite Content and Microscopic Examination of Non-Metallic Inclusions

These test methods are used to determine the percentage of delta ferrite and the non-metallic inclusions in steels and other iron alloys

Equipment: Light microscope Nikon Optiphot + camera ProgRes Speed XT Core 3

Standards: AMS 2315, DIN 50602 (withdrawn), ASTM E45
Microscopic Examination of Coating Thickness and Decarburization

This test method is used for the measurement of the coating thickness of metallic and oxide layers as well as for the determination of the depth of decarburization of unalloyed and alloyed steels.

Equipment: Light microscope Nikon Optiphot + camera ProgRes Speed XT Core 3

Standards: ISO 1463, ISO 3887

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At  SMB Medical Laboratory the following services are available which are not accredited according to ISO/IEC 17025.


Equipment: Portable measuring arms with probe & laser, CMM with probe & laser scanner, Contracer


Determination of the chemical
composition of metallic and non-
metallic materials

Equipment: Spectro Test CCD


Non-destructive Testing


These test method is used to detect discontinuities, e.g. cracks, laps, folds, porosity and lack of fusion, which are open to the surface of the material to be tested. It is mainly applied to metallic materials, but can also be performed on other materials, provided that they are inert to the test media and not excessively porous (castings, forgings, welds, ceramics, etc.)

Equipment: Semiautomatic penetrant line with pre- or subsequent ultrasonic cleaning

Standards: ISO 3452-1, ISO 9583, ISO 9712, EN 10228

Metallography (Classification of macrostructure)

Metallographic Specimen Preparation

The objective of metallographic examination is to reveal the constituents and structure of metals. The preparation of samples includes work processes like sawing/cutting, mounting, grinding, polishing and if necessary etching.

Equipment: cutting machines, hot mounting press + cold mounting, automatic grinder & polisher, electrolytic polisher & etcher

Standards: ASTM E3, ASTM E407, ASTM E340

Macroetching of Metals

Macroetching is used to reveal the heterogeneity and variations in the structure of metals such as flow lines, columnar structures, dendrites, weld structures, inclusions, segregation, porosity and cracks.

Equipment: Kaiser shooting table + digital camera Canon EOS

Standards: ASTM E381, ASTM A604, ETTC 3, AMS 2380

Determination of the Grain Size

These test methods are used to determine the grain size of metallic and nonmetallic materials and include the comparison procedure, intercept procedure and automatic image analysis.

Equipment: Light microscope Nikon Optiphot + camera ProgRes Speed XT Core 3

Standards: ISO 643, ASTM E112, ASTM E1181, ASTM E1382


At SMB Medical Laboratory the following physical and mechanical testing methods for metals are available. All testing services are accredited according to ISO/ IEC 17025.

Mechanical testing – static and quasi-static testing


This testing method is used to determine yield strenght, tensile strength, elongation at rupture, reduction of area and the modulus of elasticity of metallic materials at room temperature.

Equipment: Walter + Bai tensile testing machine 15SZBDA52 – 150 KN + in-house sample preparation

Standards: ISO 6892-1, ASTM E8/E8M


These test methods are used to determine Rockwell and Brinell hardness of metallic materials.

Equipment: Ernst hardness tester AT 180 DRT – 20 – 70HRC/ max. 650HBW + in-house sample preparation

Standards: VDI/VDE 2616, ISO 6508-1


This test method is used to determine the amount of energy absorbed by a material during impact/fracture (fracture toughness) and the ductile/ brittle properties of materials.

Equipment: Walter + Bai Impact testing machine PH 130/300 – 300 J

Standards: ISO 148-1, ASTM E23


SMB Medical Laboratory is accredited according to ISO/ IEC 17025 and offers a broad range of
mechanical and metallurgical testing services on metals. We have over 30 years’ experience in
testing titanium, nickel, cobalt and aluminium alloys as well as a wide variety of stainless steels for applications in the medical, transportation, power generation and aerospace sectors.